In this article, we setup remote access trojans or setup RAT trojans like Async RAT, DCRAT, and Quasar RAT. You can find out how to build a RAT file for accessing through a secure connection. Just follow this post step by step.

Step 1: Download RAT remote access trojans

Before downloading RAT software, you should know that you need more than free RAT tools to help you get the connection.


Due to Windows Defender, your payload will detect instantly. In short, primary antivirus flagged free RAT trojans modules; you can’t bypass them alone. So you need to FUD crypter 2023 to override Windows Defender.

Note, download RAT remote access trojans from trusted sources.

Note that a free RAT virus can’t remain FUD in Runtime, which is useless. Because you want to connect to another system, free RAT trojans will not help you. The best fud crypter 2023 is not involved in the remote access codes of the Trojans and only encrypts them and executes them in Windows processes.

What is the solution? Purchase of an updated rat software.

Step 2: Set the external IP and Port forwarding

It would help if you used external IP and forwarded port.

Do you know port forwarding and how to set it in RAT tools? The fastest and cheapest way is to search on Google for the best port-forwarding VPNs.

Also, you can use Duck DNS for your external IP for your Remote access trojans or RAT.

After setup, check your IP and port on to open successfully.

Step 3: Build the RAT trojan payload

This section will show you how to build your payload with Async RAT, DCRAT, and Quasar.

As you see in all free RAT trojans like Async RAT, DCRAT, and Quasar, we show how to set up external IP and Port and build the payload.

How to set up Async RAT?

Follow this guide to set up AsycnRAT and see the screenshots too.

Right-click on the Async RAT screen > Builder and set the connection( external port and port) > Build tab > Build button > put the name and destination.

We recommend leaving Async RAT features and using crypter options later.

How to set up Async RAT
How to set up Async RAT
How to set up Async RAT
How to set up Async RAT

How to set up QuasarRAT?

Follow the screenshots and the below guide:

Click the builder tab > Connection setting (set the port and IP) > Build Client.

We suggest not using QuasarRAT options and using crypter options later.

How to set up QuasarRAT
How to set up QuasarRAT
How to set up QuasarRAT

How to set up DCRAT?

Please read this guide and follow it step by step.

Click the File tab > Builder > set IP and port > click on the Build button.

As told you before, we recommend leaving the DCRAT options and using the crypter options instead.

How to set up DCRAT
How to set up DCRAT
How to set up DCRAT

Step 4: Encrypt RAT payload with FUD crypter

As mentioned, the free remote access trojans can’t bypass Windows Defender in the Runtime and will be detected soon. But if you want to test these free trojans with the best FUD crypter 2023, follow this section.

We used Data Encoder Crypter to encrypt these files.

  1. Leave all RAT settings and use the crypter instead.
  2. Add your file for encryption and leave the injection if you don’t know which processes are proper for you. The crypter chooses the best injection method due to your file.
  3. Use randomized assembly and change it until you get FUD results.
  4. You can use clone this assembly by an unknown app too. Search on google for uncommon apps and clone their assembly and icon.
  5. The clone certificate is ready for professional users that access a certificate file. Note this option will work just for unprotected certificate files and give longer FUD results in some cases.
  6. In the finalize tab, you will access multiple options. If we want to explain briefly, in some cases, the file size or the delay in the execution of the file affects its detection by antiviruses. Therefore, you should test each file yourself and activate the scanner option to see the results of the encrypted file.

Do you can bypass WIndows SmartScreen? yes but need to relaible hosts. We have already explained about this. We sugget to read how to bypass Chrom warning too.

Data Encoder Crypter setup
Data Encoder Crypter setup
Data Encoder Crypter setup

How to find out who clicked on your remote access trojans file?

After building your payload, you should send it to your users or distribute it.

Note you must use clean spreading methods to ensure your file remain FUD. If any security program or other antivirus will flag your file by your untrusted spreading methods like flagged host or web services like botnets. Your file can’t remain fully undetectable (FUD), and you need to ask your crypter support for a STUB update.

In short, if anyone clicks on remote access trojans payload, you can see the details on the main dashboard. So, you will access the whole system data and management settings.

You can test this setup remote access trojans guide for bypassing Bitdefender or bypassing McAfee too.